WATCH: Mom walks away when Jacob Copeland chooses Gators

Every year, national signing day provides a new meme or viral video for the college football world. This year, it came from the mother of Florida signee Jacob Copeland.

A lot of people have proposed that the early signing period has taken the luster out of the traditional national signing day. Today lacked the volume of signings that we usually see, but there was no shortage of big names and dramatic flips. Most importantly, the viral videos remain. The moment of 2018 certainly came when Jacob Copeland’s mother, after her son chose Florida, just walked away.

There’s a couple things to unpack in this video. First, what is up with mom? Not only is there the fact that she scoffed at the biggest decision of her son’s life, but what did she want? The Alabama sweater, the Tennessee hat, she’s sending mixed messages. You absolutely can’t wear those two colors together. Maybe she just hates Florida that much.

Second, good for him. This decision will affect his entire future. If he believes playing for Dan Mullen in Gainesville is the right choice, then he should make it. It’s understandable that mom may think another school would be the better situation, but to act like that is embarrassing. This is a moment that will likely be remembered in that household forever, which is unfortunate for her.

Again, props to Jacob Copeland. Considering the reaction, this had to be a decision that was talked about a ton in the lead up to this day. He even tweeted about the difficulty before today:

Despite that, he made the choice he felt was right. Yes, he will be a key piece of Mullen’s Florida rebuild on the field. However, this sign of a strong conviction should make Gator Nation excited about Copeland’s impact in the locker room as well.