Georgia football and the great tight end hoax

Like Charlie Brown approaching the football for the first kick of the fall, Georgia football fans expect more passing to Bulldog tight ends this season. Good grief!

Why do Dawg fans torture themselves with delusions of tight ends catching passes? What is it about big-handed undersized tackles catching passes that stirs a Bulldog’s heart? Do Bulldogs just love underdogs, or do Georgia football fans just have too much time on their hands?

Ain’t happenin’

Maybe this year is different, right?

This year is not different.

Jim Chaney, last season the quarterback coach as well as offensive coordinator, now coaches Georgia tight ends. The move fueled excitement for more possible passing looks to the tight ends. More likely, it will be easier for Chaney to counsel the tight ends on the virtues of blocking.

“We got a pass play for you hosses, but Kirby put in an option to run.”

Touchdown equals seven points, always

For Georgia head football coach Kirby Smart, it comes down to offensive value.

David Paschal quoted the coach in the Times Free Press. “If they give us 14 points for Isaac Nauta to catch a touchdown, we’ll start throwing it to him more. If we get 21 points for Charlie to catch one, I promise you we’ll design a play to get a 21-point play.”

Getting smarter

Jake Rowe observed Chaney’s coaching in the spring for and concluded, “Maybe we are reading too much into it but the fact that Chaney moved over to coach this position leads us to believe that it may be featured more in the offense.”

Yes, Jake, you are reading too much into it, but you are not reading too much into this. “We did observe this spring that Chaney is a devil for the details when it comes to blocking that Shane Beamer wasn’t as the position coach of this group for the past two years. That’s something to keep an eye on.”

You’re getting smarter, Charlie Brown, but you are still a sucker.

Good grief, Georgia football fans

Cy Brown wrote for DawgNation that he gets this question a lot. “Will Georgia ever target its tight ends more on offense?”

One reason why this question is asked a lot is because every year fans read the same speculation about tight end pass catching.

One year ago Cy Brown wrote, “Georgia’s collection of tight ends — Isaac Nauta, Jeb Blazevich and Charlie Woerner — have the potential to be the engine for Georgia’s passing game.”

Cy Brown does a great job here breaking down Georgia football for fans, and he does a great jog breaking down the 2018 tight ends.

But seriously, who cares?

Bulldog fans care. There is something about a really big guy running down the field with the ball. Maybe it’s Herschel Walker envy.

Prior to the 1981 season, fans repeatedly begged then Georgia football head coach Vince Dooley to let Buck Belue pass the ball to Walker. Dooley agreed, stating before the 1981 season, that Belue would, “Take the ball, turn, and pass it back to Walker. “

This is how the mind of the Georgia football fan works. Herschel Walker, potentially the greatest potential tight end to ever play college football, yet wasted as a tailback.


“I am so tired of the tight end questions.” – Kirby Smart
Just kidding, Charlie Brown.

In defense of the fans, the tease began when Kirby Smart hired Jim Chaney.

Kirby was the new coach, fans liked Kirby, they became excited about things he said. Unfortunately for Smart, he said this in the middle of a statement about hiring Jim Chaney.

“He uses the tight ends well.”

Last week he said. “I am so tired of the tight end questions.”

Good grief.

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