LSU football is here to stay: fact or fiction?

Is the fairy tale story over for LSU football?

LSU football fans couldn’t have asked for more in 2019-20. Not only did Joe Burrow claim the Heisman trophy, but the team prevailed as undefeated national champions- something that opposing fans could only dream of experiencing.

But trust me, Tiger fans couldn’t believe it either. The magical journey left those in Louisiana waiting to hit snooze just to relish the last few moments of being fictitious champions. After all, Ed Orgeron isn’t a championship coach? LSU will never enjoy an undefeated season? Joe Burrow could never win the Heisman? This is certainly a dream!

But that dreaded alarm never did go off. This was not a fantasy- this was real life.

Orgeron had just constructed an all-star team from top to bottom all while tearing the conference apart with no regard for human life.

And as it happened, opposing fans were left to enviously watch as the big green-eyed monsters they were- myself included.

It was only right for confetti to fall on Orgeron in January. It was only right for Burrow to come away as the #1 Draft pick. And it was only right for all of us to eat crow.

We deserved it.

LSU football in 2020

Now that those memories are in the past, it’s time to turn to the 2020 season.

And to my surprise, foolish contempt continues to shower over LSU as media and fans come together to spew unadulterated disrespect on the reigning national champs.

Why you might ask?

It’s simple. The Burrow-Brady tandem has disappeared, and most feel that LSU has as well. The one-hit wonders have finally met their match after the departure of two great pieces. It’s time to fall back to the 8-win LSU program that we all miss so much.

Did I take the words right out of your mouth?

Let’s not fall for this again, peers. It’s time for us to consider that LSU has finally undergone a complete makeover. The possibility that LSU made a culture change is all but fictitious.

Sure, the Tigers may never meet 2019’s expectations, but is that really saying much? Many football aficionados currently have the Joe Burrow-led Tigers as a top 5 unit of all-time. It’s likely that we won’t see another team of that caliber for many many years.

Is it smart to hold the 2020 LSU Tigers to that standard?

Just because there will be obvious drawbacks in 2020, doesn’t mean that the fairy tale is over. Instead, this could be the mark of a new beginning. The opening scene of an action packed movie, if you will.

And while some characters will eventually be written off, others will arrive to save the day.

None of this is certain, but what is?

After all, Orgeron could never become a national champion, right?